The "Dog Days are Over"

Meet my freelance partner—Bowie. This little guy has been keeping me company the last three weeks. Due to an unfortunate apartment rule we can't keep a pet permanently in Long Beach with us, so Zach's mini-Australian-shepherd has had to live with his parents the last year and a half. That doesn't keep us from 'babysitting' him frequently though!

Coincidentally, we ended up 'babysitting' Bowie the last 3 weeks, right as I wrapped up an in-house freelancing gig and started an app project from home. For the first time since I said I was 'freelancing' I finally found myself working from my own desk and not at an agency.

Bowie and me at first had our differences at first but finally found a good routine together. He'd lick my face every morning at 7, I'd stumble around and cuss at him until I got my running clothes on (I'm not a happy morning person) and we'd go for runs on the beach together until he was worn out enough that he'd just collapse on the hardwood all day instead of chewing my yoga mat. After that I could focus on my projects without constant fear for household objects. At night sometimes Zach would spontaneously have a flight and ask if I wanted to ride along, and I can finally go! We took Bowie with us for a few rides, he's officially earned his wings as an aero-dog.

Sadly, the dog days are over—we have to give him back next week.